FaceTime for Android to iPhone

By | March 26, 2022

FaceTime for Android to iPhone: This is a known fact that today FaceTime is deemed as a great way to communicate with family members, friends and loves ones. There is a question that strikes people’s mind-what if FaceTime is to be done on an Android device. Some people are confused about whether it is possible to do FaceTime on Android? What if you are the owner of the Apple iPhone but the other party has an Android phone. If you are an android user, then probably you will become very happy to know that Search Engine giant, Google has recently introduced the Google duo. It is expected that this simple video calling App would probably shatter the monopoly of apple’s FaceTime App. It is also easy to install Google duo on the iPhone as well.  However, it is extremely important to know that both, iPhone as well as android users can freely do FaceTime.

FaceTime for Android to iPhone

FaceTime works and how easily it can be used upon android as well as iPhone.  

FaceTime for iPhone Users

It is very simple to use FaceTime on the iPhone. In fact, it is not very hard to use any App on Apple devices. Just launch the app on your iPhone. It is rather a quite simple interface, the background is usually dark black and there are two tabs. The two tabs are audio and video. It is also possible to make calls with the help of FaceTime. You can also use the search bar to find the person in the contact list. Just click on the person’s profile and tap the video icon to establish the call. It is important to note that you might get an error if the person whom you are calling does not have this feature. Unfortunately, while using FaceTime, it is possible to chat only with one person at a time.

Undeniably, FaceTime is a great videotelephony product. Unfortunately, it is generally confined to the periphery of the Apple ecosystem. Not everyone can afford an iPhone and the market share of cheaper Android phones is quite big. It is affordable for people to buy cheaper yet feature-packed android phones with front cameras.

The feature of FaceTime feature is lauded for its simplicity that allows video calls to be conducted just with the help of a number or I Cloud ID. However, it is important to note that Google is also into the business that allows video calls to be made on any number. However, an app developed by Google is more universal. It is because this App supports both IOS and Android platforms.

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In actuality, the popular social networking platform WhatsApp is also somewhat equivalent to FaceTime as it supports video calls to a number. Both Google Duo and WhatsApp can be used for making video calls. It is simply a matter of choices. The world appears to be a small village. Thanks to technological leaps made by tech giants like Apple and Google. You can enjoy communication in real-time with loved ones and friends who are located thousands of miles away.


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