FaceTime For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 Download App

By | March 22, 2020

FaceTime For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 Download App: FaceTime as we all knew is one of the popular video calling applications, which has been  particularly developed and designed only for iOS devices officially. Even though it is not available for Android or other OS devices. However, all those are fake sites downloading the links present in these sites sometimes give trouble. So, be careful and don’t believe all these sites, however in case if the applications are designed for them, then they will be available in official website too.

FaceTime For Windows

FaceTime application has such popularity because it is developed with the attractive features in it. This  drives the users to use this application and that makes them to search even for other operating systems. The FaceTime for Windows 10 application is available for using on PC or laptops. Though this application cannot be directly downloaded, but still can be used using emulator. So that video call using this application will be much easier and can view each other even though living in different places.

Why to use FaceTime application for windows?

The reason behind using this FaceTime application is that it is one of the best video calling application that is similar to any other VoIP applications. Due to the rich features available in this app they made it so famous among iOS users, because it has been specially designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Downloading and installing this application is available for free and users no need to spend any expenses on it. This application is available in iTunes as well as official website. Users can either make a group call or single call as per the requirement. This application first came into existence since 2010, with the launch of iPhone 4 in the official website.

FaceTime For Windows

One of the most important and best feature of FaceTime app is that it can be used even without registering in it. Another amazing feature of this application is that it allows to connect two users over a video call even through the front camera present in iPhone devices. The only requirement to use this application is that to make sure either there is Wi-Fi connectivity or even a data connection, which is good enough to start a conversation using the video call with friends or relatives. Facetime application for Windows. Following some steps using an emulator.

Features of FaceTime application

FaceTime application has become so popular only because of the best attractive features that have been embedded in it. FaceTime for Windows 10 is also becoming popular among the users, which makes the video conversation over desktop more better than that in phone. The attractive features of FaceTime application that made it so popular are as listed below.

  1. One of the most interesting and convenient features of Facetime application is one of the fastest video calling applications. 
  2. In general users of any application look out for user friendly and easy to operate nature. FaceTime for windows.
  3. This app has got one of best feature that makes the user to appear at two different places at same time.
  4. Users no need to worry anymore about countdown timer. This application does not accompany any timer functionality for counting the time against regular data calls.
  5. Need not worry about the security issues when using this application. Because it is secure and free from all the malware.
  6. Users are provided with the facility of accessing other applications even though a call is running in background.
  7. This app is the visibility settings that are need to be set according to the user convenience.

Process of FaceTime App Download for Windows 10

FaceTime application for Windows 10 is quite simple and downloaded quickly, by a users who are interested in using it. Though this application is not directly available in the official website, still it can be installed in PC with the help of emulators. Here is the step-by-step procedure install and download the facetime for Windows 10.

FaceTime For Windows

  1. The first step in the process carries with checking the presence of the emulator in the PC or not.
  2. If your desktop does not have an emulator, then it is necessary to download one of the best emulator immediately.
  3. This can be download by browsing it in the online.
  4. Once emulator is ready in the deaktop. The next deals with the installation of the facetime application in the PC by following the process.
  5. Then just simply visit the official website and start to download the application of facetime.
  6. Now it’s time to visit the location of the file, and click on the ‘open with’ option displayed there.
  7. Then open with the Bluestacks emulator option, so that facetime application installation setup should be run.
  8. Now you can observe the presence of facetime app icon  in the list of ‘all apps’ of Bluestacks application and start using it without any difficulty.
  9. It’s time to open the ‘Bluestacks’ application, so as to link the google account. But, first  it is necessary to fill in all the required details. It is most important step to use the application.

FaceTime For Windows 10

In the above mentioned process, facetime for windows 10 is quite easy to download and install it on your desktop or laptop. Using this application is quite easy and does not contain any difficult steps in using it. So, try using FaceTime application for video calling through Windows. This offers you some of the best features and also easy to use.

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