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By | March 26, 2022

As you all know, the Tiktok app has been banned by the India Government.  The app is accused of harming the security of the users and the sovereignty of the country.  Most of the users have expressed deep grief due to this but no longer.  You don’t need to miss the app and all the happy time spent on the app. Moj app has come to your rescue.  You can download the Moj app APK for free and continue your entertainment. 

Moj app Download

Moj app Download

The best part of the app is it is an India-made app.  This app offers features that are similar to the earlier Tiktok app. The functionality of the app includes features like shooting short videos, special effects, adding filters, and emoticons.  It offers a collection of videos in almost 15 regional languages in India.  This feature makes it more adorable than any foreign app.  The app has been downloaded more than 50000 times so far after the Government decision.  The app has also received a 4.3 rating which accounts for its credibility.  You can rely on the app to keep your private files secure.

This app was developed by Sharechat developers.  Note that Sharechat is an Indian social media platform.  You can verify more about Sharechat which was developed by Mohalla Tech Private Limited in 2015. As this app gives an interface in regional languages, many users can comfortably use this app.  You can discard Tiktok and also interact in your mother tongue without any hesitation.  This feature also increases reachability towards the users who are not comfortable in other languages.

Features of Moj app

This app lets you shoot your 15-20 second video and enhance it using special effects and filters.  You can also use lip-syncing functionality to sync your dubbing with your video clip. The interface and settings are easy to use.  You should also note that the app has no setting for instructions in English, so make sure you set it to your regional language.

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One additional pro of the Moj app is that it is available in the google play store for free.  You can easily search the keyword Moj app in the search box and find this app in the search results.  This shows the credibility of the app. Remember that only reliable apps can be found in the play store. Apart from that, you can also search the same keyword “Moj app APK free download” in any search engine.  You can download the APK file from the safe and secure sites and later install this app on your device.  It is smooth on both IOS and Android platforms.


You can use the app to entertain people and also endorse your products.  You can also spread information on a specific field and create awareness among people regarding certain topics.  It also lets you influence people through your motivational words and quotes.  You can follow your favorite media personalities and have an insight into their lives.  As you know, celebrities are very much active on social media sites like this and keep updating their fans regularly.  Lastly, you should use the app for peace and harmony not to spread hatred. As this app is our own app, let’s make it the best app in the world and set an example.

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