FaceTime for Android App Download Update [Latest Version 2020]

By | May 24, 2020

FaceTime for Android App Download Update [Latest Version]: FaceTime one of the wonderful video calling application specially designed and developed only for iOS devices. Though there are a huge number of applications for video calling, still FaceTime is popular among all of these apps. Its salient features and easy to use application along with the best video qualities make this one the best video calling applications across the globe. This app is just not dedicated to video calling alone, but also the users to use for audio calling too. So, the users are provided with the feature of switching from audio to video or video to audio as per the requirement of users.

FaceTime for Android App Update Download

The craze and the demand this application has got is making this application to design even for the other operating systems.  It may take quite more time in designing the FaceTime application for the Android or Windows platform. If there is any such update in this application then they can definitely found on the official website of Apple.

Facetime App Download

So, the answer to the question that FaceTime for Android devices is available can be stated directly without any hesitation as no. Yes, as of now there is no application like FaceTime for Android devices is available officially. In case, if you are able to see that any of the website stating some links for downloading the FaceTime for Android devices applications, then it’s absolutely a false statement. If you download the links from such types of sites then you will be landing on to the pages that are harmful or else the one that is empty without any correct app.

FaceTime for iOS

Each and every user will certainly get the doubt why a popular brand is unable to develop the application for other operating systems or why it does not work on other OS? Then the simple answer to this is that it is purely an apple product and it is designed with an intention to use only on those devices.

Hence, FaceTime application will not work on any other platforms unless and until if there are updates in its design for use on other platforms. The other most important thing is that this application is available only in the iTunes library for downloading and not available in Google Play Store to download and install on the  Android devices. Even the entire configuration of this application is suitable only for iOS devices purely.

FaceTime for Android

Though FaceTime application is not available for Android devices, even then there are hundreds of websites that are saying they have FaceTime application for Android, users can download it. However, the fact is that it is not available and all those which present the links for downloading are just scam.

All those available are corrupt files or that contains malware or not working. These types of files will ruin your device and chances are there that it will also steal your important credentials such as passwords along with other important data. The best thing to do is staying away from these fake sites, until and unless there is an application of FaceTime for Android in the official website of Apple. Till then users are available with a wide range of video calling applications for Android that specially design.

facetime for android

Facetime Alternative app for Android devices

FaceTime is one of the best video calling application. But as it is not available for the Android devices, users can install and use other similar video calling applications. There are many popular and free video calling applications available for Android devices in Google Play Store. Some of the most popular and highly recommend video calling applications list below.

  1. Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video calling applications that is designed for Android devices. This application offers its users with the best of the best features making the video calling bit easier. Just using knock-knock option a user. They will be able to view who is calling them even before answering the phone call. Another great option this application is offering the users is that one will be able to leave a voice message. The only disadvantage with this application is that it will be able to support only one-to-one calls.

  1. Viber

Viber is another popular application among Android users for video calling. This application enriches with a huge number of features. That will not only allow the users to make video calls, but all also use it for other purposes. Apart from Android devices this application use on many other platforms. Which is earning a huge number of users to this application? This application is quite simple to use and just used on cellular or WiFi data network without any additional costs.

  1. Skype

Skype is yet another excellent application of video calling for Android devices. The greatness of this application is that this is the first video calling application that has become mainstream. However, the version on version this application is coming with updated features. That creates interest for the users to use this application. Even this video calling application is available to use on various platforms.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another excellent application that even allows users to make a video call. This application is not intended for any particular operating system but can be used on various platforms. This application has also got the best features to use on video calling. This is also free of cost video calling application that makes use of cellular and WiFi data networks only.

The above mentioned are some of the wonderful and popular video calling applications that can be used on Android devices. All those applications are free and are enriched with the best features that make those applications awesome. So, users need not worry about FaceTime for Android application, instead. They can install and use one of these apps for making a video call to your family members or friends. Starting a video conversion on these applications is quite easier.

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