How can I connect Facetime on TV, Apple TV, Andorid TV, Samsung TV

By | March 24, 2022

How can I connect Facetime on TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung TV?: We, the people of this 21st century, have a keen interest to get connected with family or friends living far away from their places. We often like to choose the video calling for this communication purpose. Now, with the advancement of technology, there are various apps available in the market. Among those video calling apps, Facetime has ranked at the top by all the users. If you are an iOS user and wondering for the best app enabling high-quality video calling, then Facetime is the only solution for it. The main USP for Facetime among the users is its availability with zero cost.

In this article, you will gather some ideas about Facetime application and how will you connect Facetime through your Apple TV. But before that, you must be aware that this video calling app is readily available for windows with the help of an emulator namely Bluestacks.

Facetime on TV

Features of Facetime

Facetime can be referred to as a video-calling application which has been developed by Apple Inc. for all the iOS users. Apart from this, several key points may describe the Facetime application in a better way. So, here we have enlisted some features of Facetime that can mark stone in either way:

  • Facetime enables both audio and video calling with a minimum internet connection.
  • You can easily adjust the front camera with the help of a PiP image that is a part of Facetime.
  • During a video conference or a group video call, this video calling app can cast a maximum of up to 9-10 screens at a time.
  • Facetime can customize the background as well as hide it from another user during the video call.

How will you connect Facetime with the Apple TV?

Many iOS users wonder to know about Facetime on Apple TV. There is no Facetime application available for Apple TV. At this point, you need to use Airplay which helps you to connect Facetime on Apple TV. But, you need an iOS device likely iPad, iPhone for establishing the connection with Facetime.

Here, we will provide you with the process to connect Facetime with your Apple TV. Firstly, you need to switch on the “Airplay” mode from your iPhone or iPad’s screen to your Apple TV or any such TVs.

  1. Make sure that your iOS devices (iPhone/ iPad) are connected to the same network. Thus, turning both Bluetooth & Wi-Fi from these devices.
  2. Then, go to the “Control Centre” of your device and find “Screen Mirror” at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Next, you need to tap on the “Screen Mirror” with a drop-down menu list. Choose the Apple TV you want to cast on.
  4. Click on the preferred screen and you will be able to see the phone’s screen on the TV.


It is better to switch “Screen Mirror” before receiving or making any video calls. The user on the opposite side will see with the front-facing camera on the iPhone or iPad. Thus, making a complete video call with your friends or family.

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