How to record FaceTime Video call on iPhone/iPad & Mac

By | June 25, 2020

How to Record FaceTime Video call on iPhone/iPad & Mac: FaceTime is an amazing app provided by the Apple team.  You can spend some quality time with your friends and family without being physically present with them.  Most of the iPhone/ iPad & Mac users would strongly recommend you to download this app.  Many even buy iPhone/ iPad and other Apple devices to use its cool apps like FaceTime.  It allows you to communicate with smooth video and audio calls.  The interface of FaceTime provides an interactive manual to use it.  Still, some people have doubts if you can record the Video calls in iPhones and other Apple products. Let’s debunk the myths associated with it.

record FaceTime Video call

Record FaceTime Video call

We live in a world where we are increasingly dependent on Video calls. As Video calls are now essential in our daily lives, we should learn more about it. What if you want to store the memories of your Video calls? Imagine celebrating the birthday party of your relatives with actually seeing them.  You surely don’t want to lose the video clips of such occasions. Can you record FaceTime Video call on iPhone/iPad & Mac for future reference? Well, the answer is yes, you can record video calls on FaceTime.

The method of recording might vary slightly depending on the version of the iOS you use.  Mac OS developers like to keep changing things for their customers.  Here is a general method used to record a video call with audio in FaceTime for Mac OS Mojave or Catalina version. In Mojave or Catalina, the recording feature is already there on the screen.


  • Press Command key +Shift key +5 simultaneously which leads you to screenshot tools.
  • You would get options to take screenshots or record either the entire screen or just a portion of the entire screen.
  • If you click on “Record entire screen”, you would get a record button beside it. (If you have more than one active screen, you can click and hold on the record button. You would get options to record either screen 1 or screen 2).
  • Alternatively, you can click “Record selected portion”. You can select a portion of the screen and press the record button.
  • There is one important thing which you should definitely note. Your audio won’t be recorded by default.  You should click on the options and then click on the built-in microphone.
  • When it is done, you can click on the stop button to stop the recording. You can also press Command key +Shift key +5 which would lead you to stop option.

FaceTime on iPad

How to Record FaceTime Video call on iPhone

If you have an older version of OS in your device, you can apply an alternative method.  You can use the QuickTime app.  This app is preinstalled in all versions of Mac OSYou can also use this method for newer versions.

Facetime App Download

  • Press command + space and type QuickTime and then open the search result.
  • Select file > new screen recording. You can then click on the red record button to start the screen recording to record the full screen. You can also drag across the  FaceTime window to record specifically.
  • Alternatively, you can find the QuickTime app on your Dock.
  • You have to select the down arrow key adjacent to the record button to record audio. Choose the microphone button.
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