FaceTime For Chromebook APP Download

By | July 26, 2019

FaceTime For Chromebook APP Download: It is important to know for you that Facetime is not only for Apples, but also for Chromebook. You may have now started wondering as to how it is possible. But, it is quite possible and we will tell you how. If you are among those who are looking for FaceTime for Chromebook App download , then you need to read this article till the end. 

FaceTime for Chromebook

If the findings of a technological survey conducted recently is to be believed, very few people in India use an Apple-based operating system for their day-to-day usage. Most Indian prefer Android for their daily uses. There is no way you can utilize FaceTime for Android to iPhone. However, you can use Facetime for video calls between apple devices. We will be guiding you with all the steps with the details about how to download, install and run FaceTime for Chromebook. We are beginning with some basic information.

FaceTime for Chromebook

FaceTime happens to be instant and very well known application for the Audio and Video calling as well as text messaging. Though the App was not designed for the iOS  platform, but these days, it is also designed for Chromebook. No doubt, this is very good news for all those who use Chrome. 

A number of chrome users ask whether the FaceTime App is available for Chromebook or not. And for their kind information, let we make it quite clear that FaceTime App  is not available. Importantly, FaceTime App is a product of Apple, hence it is quite obvious that it will not work on Chromebook. Facetime App is exclusively for Apple System.

How to Facetime for Chromebook?

FaceTime has been designed for iOS and Mac OS devices. FaceTime application works really well on iPhone, iPad as well as other apple devices. But, importantly it is not yet open to Android or Windows users. Unfortunately, there is no App to support Chromebooks, but the good thing is that FaceTime is merely a video calling application and hence there are other options that are as good as FaceTime.

FaceTime for Chromebook

The Google Hangouts App is one of the best options for FaceTime in order to create video calls as well as sessions on Chromebooks. This is quite akin to using Skype on a PC in order to play these video chats. Hangouts work well for Chromebooks indeed.

Significantly, most of the Apps of Google do not support Chromebook as it is the tool of Google. If it is good on the security side, the Chromosmes get restricted to Google Apps and are not able to enjoy other services because they have a Mac or Windows system. Google is however planning to make Chromebooks compatible with all the Apps as well as Plugins. The day is not far when Chromebook will get the distinction of being the best budget option for Windows and Mac laptops.

Facetime For Chromebook Alternatives


Google Hangouts









As already mentioned, the Facetime App is still not launching for the Chromebook. Therefore, be careful for not downloading any APK files with such claims.

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