Facetime Apk files for Android Free Download

By | April 27, 2020

Facetime Apk Files for Android Free Download: Feeling alone and bored with daily routine, then it’s time to have a chit chat with friends living in other places through video calling options. Now, thinking about how to connect and talk, then just download the face time application and continue the call. Even though the FaceTime application specially designed and developed only for iOS devices, due to its outstanding features it has gained popularity and every smartphone user is showing interest to use it.

There are plenty of applications designed especially for video calling which can be used on all the operating systems, but still FaceTime is has gained popularity among all these video calling apps. The strong reason behind its familiarity is its salient features. One of the most important things that a user generally searches for is an easy to use application and facetime makes it possible. 

Facetime Apk Files for Android Free Download

Facetime Apk

Even though FaceTime application has the best features, but it is completely dedicated to iOS devices alone and designed with the sole purpose to be used only on these operating systems. Thus, Facetime application is not available for Android devices, but we come across various other websites that states they have FaceTime application for Android, and provides some links, from which users need to download the app.

The well-known fact is that Facetime for Android is not available and all those websites that are providing this app with downloadable links are just scam. So, it the best idea to stay away from these fake sites, until and unless there is an official announcement from Apple regarding the application of FaceTime for Android on the official website of Apple. Users can just use some other alternatives of Facetime for Android that are specially designed for android devices only.

Facetime Apk


Facetime Apk Download Free

Facetime Apk Download Free: Android Phone 2020 Updated: In recent years, communication has reached its peak with the advancement of technology. Suppose, if you want to communicate with your family or friends living in distant places, video calling can be a great solution to this. Thus, to respond with this technology up-gradation, various apps have been invented and available on the internet. Among those, Facetime is the most popular video calling application enabling high-quality video streaming. Facetime is available to its users at free of cost.

In this article, we will provide you with a piece of knowledge about Facetime APK for both Android and iPhone. Let’s have an overview of this video calling app in the next section.

Facetime for windows 10

Facetime for Android and iOS

Nowadays, for high-quality video calling, Facetime is the most efficient application available on the internet. This Facetime application develops by Apple Inc for iOS users.  Facetime mainly designs for iPhone users to communicate with their loved ones. With an increase in demand, users tend to browse for “Facetime for Android” frequently. But, as per the analysis, there is no trace for “Facetime for Android” in the market. You can download Facetime in your Windows PC with the help of an emulator, Bluestacks.

As we have discussed above Facetime for android, so we will describe the steps to download FaceTime APK for iPhone.

Steps for Facetime APK download for iPhone

All iPhone users have an urge to know the process to download Facetime. So here, we will be listing down the steps to download Facetime APK for iPhone users:

  1. First, you need to launch iTunes on your iPhone and then open it.
  2. Then, you need to type “Facetime” on the search panel.
  3. A list of Facetime APK appears with the version details. Select the current version for your iOS device like the iPhone.
  4. The app with the current version needs to click for installation.
  5. This application installation will take some time.
  6. After completing the long installation process, you have to create a Facetime account with your mobile number.
  7. Sync all the contacts on your iPhone and try to get connected with facetime users.
  8. Now, you need to log in to your Facetime account with the help of your Apple ID.

The above-said steps need to execute properly for better performance for the iPhone.

Features of Facetime APK.

After discussing the process to download Facetime, we will brief about the features of Facetime:

  1. Facetime enables both high-quality audio and video calling with low data consumption.
  2. It has been featured with PiP image which helps to adjust the front camera during a video call.
  3. It is available at simply free of cost which in turn creates a positive aspect to users.
  4. Facetime can cast nearly nine to ten screens during a video conference.
  5. Facetime can restrict visibility which means, you can hide if you don’t want to be visible to another user.

Best alternatives of FaceTime for Android APK

FaceTime for Android APK is not available and it is necessary to seek the alternatives for video calling on Android devices. Hug number of video calling applications available for Android devices in Google Play Store and users can download them for free without spending any amount on them. Here is the list of best alternatives of FaceTime for Android APK:

  1.     Google Duo

Google Duo the most popular video calling application for Android devices is also one of the best alternatives for FaceTime for Android APK. Users of this application will be happy to use this app without much difficulty due to its attractive features, with which it has been designed.

  1.     Viber

Viber ranks the next most popularity to Google Duo and is the best alternative video calling app of Facetime. It has some outstanding features, which makes this an extraordinary application.

  1.     Skype

Skype too competes with other video calling applications and can consider as one of the best alternatives to facetime application. It is the first video calling application that introduces to the users.

The above mentioned are the top 3 best facetime alternatives that can use on Android devices. At the same time, these applications offer some of the best features that will provide convenience to the customers. So, till facetime for Android APK enters the market, these alternative applications can be used quite easily.


By the end of the show, we have concluded that Facetime APK is only available to download for iOS users. You can also enjoy it if you want to download it on your Windows PC or phone

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