Best Video calling app download Free for iPhone, Android, Windows PC

By | June 11, 2020

Best Video calling app download Free for iPhone, Android, Windows PC: Technology seems to have no limit. Luckily, we witness technical leaps taking place almost every day. Sometimes, it appears, we are part of some science fiction movie. Until few decades back, video calling was just imagined in science fiction movies where two parties could communicate with each other in the real time while viewing each other’s face. However, technological breakthroughs have turned this imagination into reality. Our ancestors would have never ever imagined that man could walk on other celestial body. Inventions such as high speed video calling are true technological marvels.

Best Video calling app

Best Video Calling App

Mobile phone has entered in our life just few decades back. It is now integral part of mainstream life. Earlier, mobile phone merely supported verbal communications but today, you can easily make video calls. This is a well-known fact just a decade back; it was quite tough to make video calls owing to so many reasons. Network interruption, poor sound quality also acted as interrupting factor. Video calling requires high-speed internet connectivity. 

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Let us now know about best video calling app of 2020:

Google Duo: Best Video calling app

  • These days Google is making headline owing to simplicity of its interface. You can make faster and reliable video calls just like a standard telephone call. Not many complications are involved. It is quite simple and straightforward to login and verify your number. As it is a cross platform tool and hence both android and IOS users can enjoy this app. just give this great app a try.


  • The free android video chat app Skype is a well-known name. It is also a cross- platform video chat App that can be even installed on desktop systems as well. This App also offers many features and you can also make video calls to a group of two dozen people. It is good to note that any compromise on the aspect of quality is not made. However, it requires a better connection of the Internet.Download for Skype for Android | Download Skype for iPhone


  • Viber is also an important and popular video call App. You can find this App on the play store. It is also a cross-platform and is available without any fee. It can be operated upon devices like android, blackberry, windows phone and Apple devices. One noted feature associated with this App is automatic encryption that allows secure communication. The user-friendly interface also allows conducting a video chat in quite easy manner. Just tap the camera sign and start talking.

    Download Viber for Android | Download Viber for iPhone

WhatsApp: Best Video calling app

  • The name WhatsApp needs no introduction and it is purely eligible to be in the list of best and most well-known video calling apps. It is also a cross platform and according to some estimates millions of calls are made on worldwide basis. It is quite easy to use the app and hurdles are minimal. Just click on the contact and tap the icon showing video call button. Additionally, this App also facilitates sharing media, exchanging text messages, stickers, GIFs. This App is totally secure and free of cost. You can find this App in most of the Android phones. 

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Best Video Calling App


Tango app is available for Android device, iOS and WP and Windows OS PC as well. This app Providing voice and video calling, sending messages, animations, files, etc.

Download Tango for Android | Download Tango for iPhone


KakaoTalk is best app for all mobile platforms Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and even Bada. This app acts as a reminder for scheduling appointments. Kakao has voice and video calls, messaging, sharing multimedia content, etc..

Download KakaoTalk for Android | Download KakaoTalk for iPhone


WeChat is best and easy app an instant messaging app for mobile phones, Wechat provides voice / video calling also conference meeting

Download WeChat for Android | Download WeChat for iPhone 


ooVoo’s is a simple and best voice and video calling app. Its available on mobile and desktop OS. Oovoo similar other apps like ooVoo sends messages. You can integrates Oovoo with Facebook, and chat with friends from the social media.

Download ooVoo for Android

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